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complies with the Cabinet of Ministers No. 805 “Regulations for raising the qualification of a real estate specialist”
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12 modules - 48 topics

full range of real estate investment and development theory and practice

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60+ online lectures

each lecture is about 30 minutes with comprehensive information, examples and calculations

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group learning

group discussions about lecture topics and real life practical examples

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one-to-one sessions

strategy sessions cover individual Q&A, coaching or in-depth project analysis 


Starlex investment attīstības pakalpojumi attīstītājiem
  • Financial and investment theory, risk and return
  • Real estate investment strategies and analysis
  • Real estate economic theory and market cycles
  • Profit and loss formulas and calculations - Yield and ROI
  • Cash flow formulas and calculations - NPV and IRR
  • Macroeconomic and demographic indicators
  • Real estate market development trends
  • Real estate ad value, price and valuation
  • Comparable transactions valuation method
  • Profit and loss or income valuation statement


Starlex investment attīstības pakalpojumi attīstītājiem
  • Styles of architecture, history of Riga development 
  • Territorial development planning procedure and documents
  • Riga and Pieriga territory planning documents
  • General construction volume calculations and examples
  • Riga territory planning and construction volume calculation
  • Site analysis according to the municipal development strategy
  • Site analysis according to local plans and detailed plans
  • Site analysis after existing and planned infrastructure development
  • Calculation and preliminary analysis of an apartment building
  • Calculation and preliminary analysis of an commercial building


Starlex investment attīstības pakalpojumi attīstītājiem
  • Current situation and development trends of the housing stock
  • Economy and middle class new project overview & case studies
  • Business and premium class new projects overview & case studies
  • Pieriga private house and land projects & best project case studies
  • Overview of commercial and investment properties
  • Commercial real estate market reports and trends
  • Office project overview & best project case studies
  • Industrial project overview & best project case studies
  • Retail project overview & best project case studies
  • Hotel project overview & best project case studies


Starlex investment attīstības pakalpojumi attīstītājiem
  • Ownership, land register and cadastral information
  • Property acquisition process and costs
  • Real estate taxes and VAT
  • Building classification, building codes and energy efficiency
  • Renovation and construction process and costs
  • Project profit and loss statement
  • Project cash flow modeling
  • Project investment and profitability calculation
  • Project risk assessment and due diligence
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Auseklis Sarkans - Starlex Investment Partner

experienced lector in theory and practice

Since 2012, Auseklis Sarkans has advised and consulted more than 500 investment objects and 100 development projects. Auseklis is a graduate of Riga School of Economics (SSE Riga) and RTU Master's program “Construction Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Management”. Since 2018 he is a partner of Starlex and leads consulting projects.

From 2019 he is regularly teaching RTU Bachelor's and Master's courses “Investments in Property Development” and "Real Estate Economics" as well as conducting seminars for associations, companies and individuals.

At the end of the Masterclass, participants have their project analysis, strategy and financial models

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Very widely prepared information on various topics, objects, segments. The time and energy invested really needs to be appreciated so that information on everything is "up-to-date". In my opinion, mastering these courses is one of the "must have" for anyone related to real estate.

Very useful courses, easy to understand information, structured and user-friendly. Auseklis is a talented lecturer who is interested in the audience understanding, being able to perceive and has received answers to his questions. A very knowledgeable real estate economist and specialist who convinces in the first minutes.

The courses were very valuable. It was not just a dry economic theory with facts and formulas without their understanding that it is because it simply is. All questions that may not even be related to the current topic were answered. The importance of the use of course content in everyday life is also visible.

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each type complies with the Cabinet of Ministers No. 805 “Regulations for raising the qualification of a real estate specialist”

Most Popular

6 week online course

  • 12 online group question and answer sessions once a week 
  • Access to 60+ online video lectures
  • Certification for course completion
  • Access to the course  for 1 year

More Affordable

Self-paced video course

  • Access to 60+ online video lectures
  • Certification for course completion
  • Access to the course  for 1 year
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downloadable materials

Access to slides, materials, attachments, calculations

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one-to-one sessions

Up to 2 individual strategy sessions and consultations

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access to

2 months access to transaction database

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questions and answers

Once a month lectures and questions and answers for 1 year

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